Rectal Health check up

Yes! Your butt, Every man has his butt, every butt can be at risks for anorectal cancer.  Actually it doesn't matter if you're straight or gay or bi, no actually even if you're girls or transgirl you could be at risk of anorectal cancer.

But what is Anorectal cancer? Let's learn more here. You don't have to wait till you get older than 45 to take a little care of it.


Sometimes you feel the itch, but not the good itch, the annoying one that you feel like scratching all the time (even when you just got fucked) 


In some cases, it may not be cancer, but it could look like cancer, some doctors have seen it but mostly of them not.

Sometimes rectal syphilis can appear to look like and have cancer-like symptoms such ass, pain when you pass stool, mucous bloody stool, sometimes you have a thing called "tenesmus" which means  you feel the pressure inside like you have to shit but when you go to toilet there's nothing coming out except sometimes mucous and/or blood.

The cause can vary... find out more here.


If you are rectally active It is good idea to see a rectal friendly doctor at least to do a butt swab

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